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Japanese TV Adverts #32 and #33

Here comes the next delivery of some of the most fun and great Japanese TV adverts that are on TV in Japan. Some of the ads that can be found in the post are: the lastest single from Jstorm, a panda busy at the beach, ads for both Nintendo wiiU and 3DC, fun ad for Boss coffee in can, BoA’s new album and a lot more.

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: http://www.youtube.com/user/JPCMHD
Also check out older posts with Japanese TV adverts under the media category to the right of this post.

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Japanese TV Adverts #30 and #31

So we are back with another Japanese TV adverts post, and once again we have a buch of fun TV ads for your viewing pleasure. In this post we find adverts with a moster popping up out of the sea, a great ad for the strong Zero Dry drink, lots of ads for different bands that have new singles on sale, an advert with the girl group Perfume advertsing a product, some sort of face fitness, never seen anything like it before, and a lot more.

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: http://www.youtube.com/user/JPCMHD
Also check out older posts with Japanese TV adverts under the media category to the right of this post.

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New Video Section Added To Site

whysojapan video section

Video Section

Today we have added a new video section to the site. We love videos, sometimes just text and pictures are not enough, a video can show so much more. We have been using YouTube for years now to host our videos, so it seems like a nice way to present all our videos within our site and showing all our videos that have something to do with Japan in one way or another.

Some of the videos can be very random, like a person dressed as a panda advertising on the street, while some videos are connected to a post on the site. Some are just things we had to share.

Please try out our new video library by clicking the videos button in the left hand side menu box, or by clicking here: Video Library

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TCY Radio On Block.Fm

whysojapan block fm

TCY Radio on block.fm

TCY Radio is part of Block.fm, an internet based radio station based out of Tokyo. Block.fm plays a vast mixture of music, including some of the following: reggae, hiphop, house, techno, electro, DnB and EDM. The station has a mixture of weekly shows and monthly ones. A lot of the shows are Japanese based, shows like: TCY Radio, Shibuya OIRAN warm up Radio, 楽屋裏Radio and more. Block.fm also plays a lot of import shows from the like of Carl Cox’s Ibiza Global Radio, Ministry of Sound Radio, Hed Kandi Radio and more. Block.fm is probably the biggest dance “radio” station based out of Japan on the net. It’s is not just an internet radio station, it holds different events all year around, like it’s block party at Clubasaia, where it showcases some of its DJs for the public’s pleasure, and for the last two years working with Burn to find the world’s next best DJ.

The Founder

The guy that started Block.fm and who has weekly shows on the station is Taku Takahashi. He is also part of the group M-Flo and works as a record producer too. His main show, and what I would say is the flagship show of Block.fm, is TCY Radio. He runs the show together with Takeru John Otoguro (TJO) who has other shows on Block.fm too. Taku is behind the record label TCY Recording  and he has also done many remixes for the likes of Calvin Harris and others.

whysojapan tcy radio block fm

TCY Radio

I first heard of Block.fm after stumbling over TCY Radio show. Since I’m a big dance music fan, I found the show to be exactly to my taste. The show had a great mixture of all different types of dance music, which is a big plus since there’s something for everyone that likes dance music. The show’s two main DJs are Taku Takahashi and Takeru John Otoguro (TJO). Taku brings a great lot of energy to the show. He speaks both and English and Japanese, which makes the show even more interesting for the non-Japanese speakers out there, and at the same TJO keeps the tunes coming.

The show regularly has guests in the studio, from Japanese to international artists. The show has featured lots of mixes for the UK DJ Jaguar Skills and Taku Takahashi has a feature on a mini mix show called Jaguar skills and His Amazing Friends, which was a part of a late night show on BBC Radio 1 show with Kissy Sell Out. Here’s that mix:

From listning to TCY Radio you can hear that the show gets a lot of it’s influences from shows on Radio 1 in the UK in the way the style of the show plays out. Both the DJs complemets their show and both bring their own part to the show.

TCY Radio is live from Tokyo every Friday evening from 21:00 (9.pm) and because of time zones that means depending where in the world you live it will be on at diffrent time. For us in Europe that means it’s on Friday afternoon, but don’t worry if you miss the show, because they have a great archive of all the lastest shows that have aired, so just check it out there instead if you missed it live.


Taku Takahashi:

Takeru John Otoguro:

Another great article with in-depth about the start up of the station is from the Japan Times web site: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2011/07/07/music/tcy-radio-aims-to-revive-club-scene/

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Japanese TV Adverts #28 and #29

And here’s the next lot of fun Japanese TV adverts for your viewing pleasure. It seems like there is no let up on adverts out of Japan. I know here in Europe you see a lot of the same TV adverts for a month at a time, but it seems every week or so there is a whole bunch of new TV ads out in Japan. I guess it’s because there is such a bigger market, which is great for us, since we never get tired of them.

In this slection ads you can find: a talking robot from Soft Bank, an advert for Line Play (which is just one of Line’s popular cell phone apps), fun Super Mario ixed car ad, KPP’s new album, a fun robot dog called Hello Zoomed, plus a lot more!

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: http://www.youtube.com/user/JPCMHD
Also check out older posts with Japanese TV adverts under the media category to the right of this post.

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