Japanese Manhole covers T-shirts from 47Regions

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Kizuna Japanese subscription box

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Sakura Matsuri Stockholm 2017

Sakura Matsuri Stockholm – Cherry Blossom Festival On April 22nd was the annual cherry blossom hanami festival in Stockholm (“Körsbärsblommans Dag”), Sweden. It's an event organized by the Japanese Association, and we were very happy to see that they - once Read more

Top Japanese places to visit in London

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Best art, crafts and stationery shops in Tokyo

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Book review: Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo

whysojapan confessions of a texan in tokyo grace buchele mineta

About the author

whysojapan confessions of a texan in tokyo grace buchele minetaAs we previously wrote in our last book review Grace is Texan that moved to Tokyo to be with her husband Ryosuke. Grace is a self publishing comic book author, freelance writer and YouTuber. If you want to know more about Grace, you can either read our previous post or check her out on YouTube or her blog.

Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo

This is Grace’s third book. We were really looking forward to reading it, as we both are big fans of Grace and Ryosuke, and we enjoyed her two previous books and had high hopes for the third. Thanks to Grace we were able to get our hands on the pre-release version of the book before it was available on Amazon. We both got down to reading it straight away and within a day we had both read it, we couldn’t put it down.

whysojapan confessions of a texan in tokyo grace buchele mineta

The book follows Grace and her day to day adventures in Japan, with her husband and friends, and her imaginary rabbit Marvin. The book is a mixture of comic strips and tip bits of information on all things Japanese. One of the things we really like about the comic strips is that we can actually hear Grace saying the words, which makes it even more funny. The book also shows the cultural differences between a Japanese person and a non Japanese person. The book is both fun and informational, with lots of interesting facts about Japan, on every few pages. One of the fun facts that we didn’t know about before, was that there are shop dedicated to gift wrapping. We’ve always been impressed by our friends that have given us nicely wrapped gifts and now we know next time we are in Japan we can go to a shop and get ours wrapped just as good.

whysojapan confessions of a texan in tokyo grace buchele mineta

Another nice touch in this book was that Ryosuke had two pages with comics that he had drawn himself, which we hope to see more of in the future.

As with the previous books, we highly recommend this new one. Either buy as a hard copy, or as we did, download and read on a tablet. If you buy the book from Grace on Etsy you can get the book signed.


whysojapan confessions of a texan in tokyo grace buchele minetaAll books by Grace on Amazon:

Texan in Tokyo on Etsy:

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Review: Japan Travel Guide – The Ultimate Itinerary Planner

whysojapan japan travel guide The Ultimate Itinerary Planner

Japan Travel Guide – The Ultimate Itinerary Planner

We’ve been to Japan a few times now, and before each trip we always try and do some research, so we have a good plan of where we want to go and what we want to do. This can be very time consuming; searching websites, double checking sources, finding out important details are wrong, doing some more research, and so it goes on. This is where a guide would come in handy. The Japan Travel Guide – The Ultimate Itinerary Planner is a great source to turn to before (and during) your trip to Japan. They’ve done all the research for you!

whysojapan japan travel guide The Ultimate Itinerary PlannerAuthors Christopher Crane and Emma Chan have interviewed dozens of expats and experienced travelers to give you all the information you need for sightseeing, fin and interesting experiences and great food. The guide focuses on five areas: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Okinawa. You get tips about traditional and modern Japan, eat and drink, festivals and the cherry blossom viewing, with descriptions, tips and useful information, adresses, opening times prices and more.

Find out about the The Zen Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, a masterful example of Zen landscaping. Learn about the Waterfight Festival in Tokyo, where people fight each other with rotten tomatoes, oranges, colored pigments, and everything in between. Read about Yamachan in Osaka, one of the best takoyaki restaurants.

This is a very useful guide. We found information about well known must-see spots, but we also found great information about things we’ve never heard about before, the hidden gems you really don’t want to miss. The next time we plan a trip to Japan we will sure turn to this guide.

At the moment you can get Kindle edition of the guide for free on Amazon.

Download your copy here:
Japan Travel Guide: The Ultimate Itinerary Planner

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Tokyo Roar Short Film By Brandon Li

Tokyo Roar

Tokyo Roar is a short film made by filmmaker Brandon Li. Brandon filmed Tokyo Roar while on a month trip in Japan. The video is Brandon’s own impression of both modern and the more traditional side to Japan. I think that Brandon has really captured Japan on film in 4 minutes. It might not be what everyone thinks and see of Japan, but from my experience in Japan it seems pretty spot on. I would say this video, for the most part, shows all the wonderful things in Japan, but it also shows to some part real life of homelessness, loneliness and also what life can be like for many Japanese day in and day out. The first time we watched the video it really hit us how he had catched Japan in the way we see it, and it had us having to watch it again to see even more details that we missed in the first viewing.

Brandon has made many other great videos, which you can check out on his Vimo channel: https://vimeo.com/rungunshoot

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Japanese TV Adverts #46 and #47

It’s time for a new lot of Japanese TV adverts. Some of the ads that can be seen in the videos from JPCMHD below are: a fun ad for Fanta, which is a popular drink in Japan (our favourite Japanese flavour of Fanta has to be grape – so nice!), an ad for one of them fancy Toto Japanese toilets which I wish we had in Europe, a funny ad for UFO noodles, an ad showing the Coca-Cola campaign with names on bottles, which we had here in Europe a couple of years ago, a couple of Soft Bank ads with one of them a bit weird, well more than normal. Oh, and a flying train and of course a whole lot more.

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: http://www.youtube.com/user/JPCMHD

Also check out older posts with Japanese TV adverts under the media category to the right of this post.

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