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Quick Japan Magazine Vol. 107

Quick Japan magazine

Quick Japan magazine is a youth culture magazine that comes out on bi-monthly basis. The magazine features lots of articles on the music scene in Japan and the whole magazine, which resembles the looks of a book, is in Japanese.

whysojapan_quick_japan magazine_kyary_pamyu_pamyu_1The main reason why I bought the magazine was because Quick Japan Vol. 107 had a huge feature on the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 2013 tour she did in Europe, with a loads of great photos from the tour, and pictures of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu walking around the streets of Paris while fiming a part of her TV show “TV John”.

So if you’re a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan, this a great magazine to add to your collection! I purchased my copy online from cdjapan for 900yen, plus postage.

I also see now thats there’s an app in the Japanese iTunes app store where you can buy the magazine from as well.

Here below are a couple of the pages that can be found in this issue of Quick Japan.

whysojapan_quick_japan magazine_kyary_pamyu_pamyu_3

whysojapan_quick_japan magazine_kyary_pamyu_pamyu_2

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Japanese TV Adverts #19 and #20

In this next post of Japanese TV advert you will find another double servicing of the crazy, funny, and wacky adverts. In this selsction of adverts we find some of the following: a woman breaking lots of bricks with her head, a man pruposing to his girlfriend, an advert for learning English in Japan, an advert for girl group E-Girls, an angry Softbank dog, cute cats on a trip, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu advertising her new single, George Clooney painting a house and a lot more. So check out the collection videos below and enjoy!

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: Also check out older posts with Japanese TV adverts under the media category to the right of this post.

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Hanami Products In Japan

Hanami Products

Hanami (flowers viewing, 花見) is a very special time of the year in Japan, where everyone goes out to their local parks to celebrate the blossoming of the flowers, also known as cherry blossoming. We have posted about hanami before, click here to read.

Hanami big Business

Hanami is soon to start in Japan, and a lot of the Japanese companies are taking the chance now to drum up some extra trade around this time of the year. You can find lots of different food products that will only be available around the time of hanami. McDondals is one of those companies to take the opportunity to sell some food that is specially made for this special time.

whysojapan mcdondals hanami products whysojapan mcdondals hanami products

McDondals is selling a hanami inspired burger, the “Sakura Teritama” burger. What makes this so hanami is the cherry-blossom-colored bun and the sakura daikon radish mayo on a pork patty with ginger teriyaki sauce, an egg, and lettuce. There is also a Sakura Cherry Mac float which looks very tasty too. YouTuber Sharla (Sharla In Japan) tried the burger and the float together with fellow YouTuber Mira (kanadajin3). Watch the video below:

Kitkat is another company that always has a special limited edition sakura green tea product, which is available around the time of hanami. Fanta has also had a hanami themed drink around the beginning of spring. I’ve also seen on the KFC Japan website some specials just for this time of the year.

whysojapan hanami products kitkat

Apple is using hanami in their app store to advertise different apps that are available to download. Some that are very much to do with hanami and some are more indirect, like Pizza Hut, which could be something a lot of people would need to order the pizza for their party in the park, or maybe not.

whysojapan hanami products apple
Here in Sweden we will be celebrating hanami around the end of april. Here the Japanese society will have one day of celebration in the middle of the city, this year 2014, on April 26. There are a lot of other countries celebrating hanami, so check Google to see what’s going on in your the part of your country.

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Japanese TV Adverts #18

Here’s the next lot of TV adverts direct from Japan. In this upload you will find adverts from NTT docomo featuring UK pop boy band One Direction, Meiji chocolates and ANA  Japanese airline. Oh! And a panda playing football! Enjoy!

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: Also check out older posts with Japanese TV adverts under the media category to the right of this post.

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Looking For Mameshiba In Tokyo

whysojapan looking for mameshiba in tokyo

Looking For Mameshiba In Tokyo

A reader of the blog emailed me and asked me about finding Mameshiba in Tokyo. He was a father that was travelling to Japan and wanted to buy some Mameshiba merchandise while on their trip, for a family member back home. In the email the father also asked if Mameshiba was still popular in Japan. They would be visisting a couple of cities during their trip, one of them being Tokyo. Mameshiba is one of our favorite Japanese characters, so on one of our trips to Tokyo we went on the search over most of Tokyo to find the cute little “bean dogs”.

Here’s our answer to the email:

On the first occation we visited Tokyo we had problems finding anything to do with Mameshiba. On our second trip we were more succesful. The two shops I can recommend you check out are both toy shops.

The first shop is Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza. This shop seemed to have a special offer selling Mameshiba, if its still on now I cant be sure, but its worth checking it out.

The address is:
Hakuhinkan Toypark 8-8-11 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan (Map link)
The website is:
Closest subway station: Ginza (on the Tokyo Metro)

The second shop is Yamashiroya in Ueno. This is also a toy shop. When I was there, Mamishiba stuff was on the bottom floor around the other soft toys.

The address is:
有)ヤマシロヤ   Japan, Tokyo, Taito, Ueno, 6丁目14−6 (Map link)
Closest subway station: Ueno (on the JR Yamanote line)
The website is:

Of course, all of this can change since we were there last year, but I think these two shops are your best bet. There’s one more big toy shop in Tokyo, Kiddy Land in Harajuku/Shibuya, but we have never found any Mameshiba stuff there.

****Update 13th sept. 2014 we got some information that still both shops stock Mameshiba products so that great****

****New update 7th march. 2015 from a user that posted a reply to this post, is that its better to go to Hakuhinkan Toypark seems the other shop did not have or had very little available for sale****

I still see adverts being made with Mameshiba, makes me believe they’re still popular. Good luck and hope you have a great time in Japan and find what you’re looking for.

If you have any tips on the hunt for Mameshiba in Tokyo, please share..!

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