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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection

whysojapan Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection

whysojapan Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda CollectionKyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection

On the 26th of June 2013 the Japanese pop star princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu released her 2nd album. It was a much awaited album with many fans waiting for it become available, not just in Japan but all over the world, after her world tour making herself even more popular around the world than she was before. I’m sure that help boost sales outside of to Japan, so much so that when the album was released it debuted at number 1 in the Japanese charts and in the US it fell in at number 2 in the Billboard World Music chart.

whysojapan Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda CollectionNanda Collection

Her second album is called Nanda Collection (なんだこれくしょん) which is roughly romanized as “Nanda kore ku shon”. If you were to break it down, it sort of means,  Nanda kore “What in the world is this?” and kore ku shon “collection”. The title is a bit of play on words.

The artwork for the covers of the CD are, as usual, very different to what you might find with a normal artist. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu always likes to make the cover and photos odd, but odd in a fun and different way.

The album was releasd in two different versions, which is quite common in Japan it seems. The first being the regular version where you get the  CD in a normal CD case. The limited edition is for the hardcore fans you could say. The difference between both versions are that with the regular one you just get the CD in a standard CD case and the limited edition version comes in more of a book form case, and it includes a photo book with many great photos for KPP, and an extra DVD with four of the music videos from the album on it. Both editions have different art work to them, the regular shows KPP standing with a puppet and the limited edition has her dressed up like a peacock.

whysojapan Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection whysojapan_nanda_collection_3

The music

The album has a mixture of genes, from rock songs (like Fashion Monster) to more alien songs (like Invader Invader) Kyary is to have said. Two of the songs from album feature in TV adverts that have being running on TV in Japan – “Kurakura” and “Noriko to Norio”, which are being used by KFC and the mobile phone company AU respectively.

Also this time Kyary has worked with Yasutaka Nakata from Capsule, who wrote and composed all the song for the album. The album consist of 12 songs, with a few of the singles that had already been released, like Fashion Monster, Invader Invader and Ninjari Ban Ban.

I think the album is a strong album following of her previous album, which had many great songs from her. Of couse, her music is not for everyone. Playing her songs to someone that has never seen or heard of her before might think you’re crazy. But youre not crazy, just different in a good way, with a good taste of Japanese pop music, you could say.

whysojapan Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection whysojapan Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection


The track listing for the album is as follows:


1. Nandakorekushon
2. Ninjari Ban Ban
3. Kimi ni 100%
4. Super Scooter Happy
5. Invader Invader
6. Mi
7. Fashion Monster
8. Saigo no Ice Cream
9. Norikotonorio
10. Furisodeshon
11. Kura Kura
12. Otona na Kodomo

1. Fashion Monster
2. Furisodeshon
3. Ninjari Ban Ban
4. Invader Invader

Buying the album

I bought my album from CDJapan’s online site on pre-order. The album was shipped fastly to me as soon as it was releasedon the 26th of June. It also included 4 postcards of KPP, as an extra, which is something that CDJapan does from time to time. Most of the waiting I had to do was when the album got stuck in customs for almost a week, which also meant I had to pay import fees, which I wasn’t happy about. So do remember that its always a risk that you might end up having to pay extra for it when it arrives in your country.

The versions cost as follow: For the regular one you will pay around 3000yen and for the limited edition one you pay about 3619yen from CDJapan. At the moment the limited edition is out of print, so you might need to look on eBay for the limited edition. The album is also available as a digital download via iTunes.

The album is a great buy in any version and if you are a KPP fan I recommend you give it a listen.

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Music Video Filmed in Japan #5: Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness

The Manic Street Preachers are an alternative rock band that was formed in 1986. The band is a 3 man band at the moment, in the past there where 4 members, but the last member, Richey Edwards, disappeared and later on declared deceased. The current 3 members are James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore. The band originally comes from Blackwood in Wales.

Motorcycle Emptiness

The video to the 1992 song Motorcycle Emptiness was first released on the 13th of June 1992 and the song reached place 17 in the UK singles chart. The video was shot on different location, mostly based in or close to Tokyo. Places that can be spotted are the Shibuya crossing and Shiba-koen park with the Tokyo Tower in the background. They also filmed some of the video in a neighbouring city called Yokohama, where you can see the large Ferris wheel with a clock on. That was also the largets Ferris wheel in the world when it first opened. They also filmed at the Shomyoji Temple that lies outside of Yokohama.

Manic Street Preacher’s official homepage:


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Dokidoki wakuwaku Pamyu Pamyu Revolution Land 2012 – DVD Review

whysojapan kpp dvd dokidoki wakuwaku pamyu pamyu revolution land

Dokidoki wakuwaku Pamyu Pamyu Revolution Land 2012

whysojapan kpp dvd dokidoki wakuwaku pamyu pamyu revolution landKyary Pamyu Pamyu largest concert to date was performed in Japan on November 6, 2012 in the Nippon Budokan. The arena is located at Kitanomaru Park, which lies in the center of Tokyo. The concert was recorded for both to be released on DVD/BluRay and a music CD. All versions were first available on the market as of February 13, 2013, the same time that Kyary was on her first world tour. The DVD version, that I bought online, came with two DVDs. One of them holding the main concert and the other DVD holding the DVD extras, like behind the scenes stuff.

The concert differed from her other shows that she has put on across the world in that she could have a big stage and that lots of money was put into making it a big show. The stage from the Japan show was full of scenery and had been built with the help of one of her close friend Sebastian. Anyone that has seen her music videos that Sebastian has worked on can see that stage show, from scenery to the costumes, follows the trend of her videos, in being very bright and very colourful. That was the major difference from Lhe london show. It would have cost too much money to try and replicate that sort of production the other side of the world.


The DVDs run for about 96 minutes or so. The main show features all of her regular songs, like Fasion Monster, Candy Candy, Kimi Ni 100 Percent, Ponponpon, and more. The show is very entertaining from start to finsh. At one point it even has Kyaray flying like an angel high in the air! The behind the scenes are great too.

The whole show is in Japanese, as that the product is designed to be sold on the Japanese market, but buying it for the music is just as fun. Its a nice thing to add to your Kyaray Pamyu Pamyu collection. The DVD with works on all regions of DVD players, which great news for those who dont have a reg2 player. The limited editon DVD version features a book styled case to hold the discs, insted of a normal boring plastic case. The case has a booklet with about 20 or so photos from the show, all in very nice quality. You definitely get the feeling that they have taken their time when putting the packaging together for the DVD, as its really nicely done and it’s great to look through. Another thing to know is that you only get the bonus stuff with the limtied edtion DVD version and not the BluRay version of the show.

whysojapan kpp dvd whysojapan kpp dvd

Where to buy it

I bought my DVD from It is available from as well. Just be aware of that if it gets stuck in cutoms, you will end up paying extra taxes on it. I have also seen it available on Ebay,  it might be a good alternative place to buy from. Just check the prices with Japan first, sometimes Ive seen stuff like this sell for duble it’s original price.

Click links below for more infomation.

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Japanese TV Adverts #5

Here’s the next update of Japanese TV adverts. This update features adverts as normal: Softbank with the talking dog, an advert for AU (starring Kryary Pamyu Pamyu) which is also a cell phone company , a funny advert that uses cats as stars and more.

Please check out this YouTube user for more adverts:

Also check out older posts with Japanese tv adverts:

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That dog from the Softbank adverts


It seems to be common practice in Japan for companies that advertise to have some sort of mascot. Its an easy way for someone to remember the company. Like the dog from the Softbank adverts for example, he has become one of the most popular adverts used in Japanese media today.

Softbank Adverts

The adverts are based around the White family, where the dog, Otousan, is the father. The rest of his family are humans, including his wife and his two grown up kids. Yes, the dog has a human wife, weird right?

Otousan the dog’s name is Kaikun. The dog, who is a white shiba, seems be a lot of the time in a bit of a grumpy mood. but he seems to have a good eye for mobile communications, which is good since he is advertising for one the biggest mobile communication companies in Japan – Softbank.

Watch the adverts online

The adverts have also become very popular across the Internet, with sites like YouTube having most of the Japanese adverts from Softbank uploaded. But what makes this even better is that the person or persons that have uploaded some of the adverts to YouTube has taken the time to put in the English translation, which is great if you don’t understand Japanese. Some of the subtitled ones have for some reason disappeared, but if you are ok without subtitles they’re still great fun to watch even if you dont understand what theyre saying.


The adverts features some well known American movie stars, like Tommy Lee Jones and Quentin Tarantino.

Products with Kaikun

Kaikun has used his fame to sell someproducts. There’s been beer made with the dogs face on the bottle, and he has his own series of books, where you get to follow Kaikun during a whole day and you see what he gets up to. There will be a review of the bokk coming soon.

Softbank also sells a lot of products with the dog on – from mobile cases to bikes to speakers shaped like a dog and so on. Check out the link below to see whats available at the moment.

The softbank campain sites with different Otousan products:

You can see a video of the talking dog outside Softbank’s store in Ginza:

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