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Meet Mameshiba! Book review

whysojapan meet mameshiba book


If you haven’t heard about the Japanese character Mameshiba, read the previous post that we have published all about them: Japanese characters: Mameshiba

Meet Mameshiba!

Meet Mameshiba! is the first book from Viz Media. Viz Media is one of the largest distributors and licensors of anime and manga in North America and has now taken on Mameshiba to bring it to the world. The books are published in English, which is great for us that love Mameshiba but don’t understand Japanese. The first book was first available to buy from the 5th of July 2011.

The first book Meet Mameshiba! is exactly what its called – a book all about each character. Some of the mameshibas you get to meet are Edamame, Tiger Bean, Soybean, Chili Bean and other of their friends.

The book guides you through the world of Mameshibas, giving you loads of small facts about them. The book includes some of the Mameshiba saying, small quizzes, how to draw your own Mameshiba, true and false pages, small comics, and even a page that helps you learn some basic words in Japanese, and more.

whysojapan meet mameshiba book whysojapan meet mameshiba book

The book consist of 96 pages and the book comes in a paper back version and has a square shape to it. The book is very colourful. It is very light on text, there are mostly pictures, which makes its a great book for kids that you want to introduce to the world of Mameshibas. Its also a great collectors item.

We bought our book from but the book is available from many online shops all over the world. The book costs around £5 when we got it on the release date.

More reviews are to come in later posts, of the other Mameshiba books that have been made available in English. Stay tuned!

whysojapan meet mameshiba book whysojapan meet mameshiba book

Link to the book on




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Tempura Kidz

Tempura Kidz are a Japanese pop dance group that consists of 4 girls and 1 boy (P→★, KARIN, NaNaHo, AO and YU-KA). The group are signed to Asobi System, the same company that manages some of the most well known Japanese music stars like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Yun*chi. Tempura Kidz’ tracks are released under the Sony Music Japan label.

Backup dancers for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Some of the dancers from Tempura started their career as background dancers for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and I guess there career sort of springboarded of that.

Bejitarizumu music video

The first song that featured them in was the song Bejitarizumu (ベジタリズム) where they were dancing around in vegetable costumes. This video came up on YouTube around the end of 2012.

Cider Cider music video

After that they were also the main dancers for the video Cider Cider, produced my Ram Rider, which came out early of 2013.

Debut single One Step

Their debut single One Step was released on 2013.03.06 which again features them as the main artists. On the CD single you will also find the only digital track Strobe, which came out a couple of months earlier and was then only available as a download track. Both of the songs One step and Strobe are used as end theme music for the anime Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozet.

The future for Tempura Kidz

Whats next for this group? Well, they are signed to the right management company since Asobi Systems has big influences in Japanese pop music, meaning the group can end up working with other stars that are also signed to Asobi Systems, which means they dont have to look far to get the right sort of help with their next hit song. The group are still very young at the moment, so who knows what the future will hold for them? But I’m sure we haven’t seen or heard the last of Tempura Kidz.

Links there official site and blog, both in Japanese:

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Live in London – Part 3

The show started about 20:15. The first song she started with was “PON PON PON” – the song that made her a world wide hit via YouTube.

She would sing about two songs, and then have a chat with the audience and so on. Since KPP does not speak English she had a lady translate for her, which was fine since it wasn’t about understanding the language, it was about understanding the happiness of the music. Along with all the hits and songs from her album, she also sang her new song, Invader Invader,  before the song had been released.


Between costume changes there were different videos being shown on a large screen. One was from a TV show she has back in Japan called TV John, and other videos were facts about KPP. Even a mascot of hers came out and danced and entertained the audience.

KPP fans are dedicated and a lot of people in the audience knew the lyrics to her songs and sang along. People were dancing and clapping along to the music. It was a great atmosphere!

why_so_japan_kpp_kyary_pamyu_pamyu_live_concert_london_show_01 why_so_japan_kpp_kyary_pamyu_pamyu_live_concert_london_show_03

The show ended about 21:45 with a encore of one more song or so. After that it was a rush for the tube and change for our last train back home.

If you are a fan of KPP I would recommend the chance to see her live. Do so and you won’t be disappointed.

Here is a video with clips that we filmed at the show:

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Japanese news in English, from JapanTimes

whysojapan japantimes


It’s always nice to be able to read the news in a language that you understand. One of the sites that is great to get all the news from Japan is the Japan Times news site: The Japan Times news site gives you a good insight of whats happening all over Japan. It’s well worth bookmarking this site!

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Japanese TV Adverts #2

TV Adverts in Japan

Here’s the next update of Japanese TV adverts. This update features adverts for Softbank with the dog that talks, and an advert for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu latest single Invader Invader, plus more. Enjoy!

Please check out this YouTube user for more adverts:
Also check out older posts with Japanese tv adverts:

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