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Japanese TV Adverts #1

TV Adverts in Japan

Adverts is of course big business in Japan. Trying to get your product onto what can be describe as a crowed market is hard. Adverts are one of the ways companies try to get their products across, and of course TV adverts are very important to the company, and its not unusal to see a famous face like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu advertising a certain product on the behalf of the products manufacturer. I found some of the latest adverts that run on TV at the moment, or adverts that were recently being shown in Japan.

See who you can recognize in these latest ads from Japan! I will update with new ones as soon as they become available on the net.

Please check out this YouTube user for more adverts:


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Cherry blossoming in Stockholm

why so japan cherry blossom in Stockholm

I have previously written about hanami, a celebration in Japan where people go out and view the blossoming cherry trees and enjoy a lovely time together. We dont have that tradition in Sweden (the Japanese Society in Stockholm have a cherry tree day), but we do have some lovely cherry trees in central Stockholm, and people appreciate their beauty just as much here.


The cherry trees now are blossoming in Stockholm and Kungsträdgården (the King’s Garden) has been transformed into a beautiful ceiling with pink cherry blossoms. After an extra long winter and very late spring, the temperature has finally gone up and people are now enjoying hot sunny days.


It was a few days ago that the cherry flowers came out in bloom in Kungsträdgården, and for those who want to see the flowers before they disappear should hurry, the flowering will only last for a week and there are only a few days left now.

why_so_japan_cherry_blossom_stockholm_04 why_so_japan_cherry_blossom_stockholm_03 why_so_japan_cherry_blossom_stockholm_10

I visited Kungsträdgården on Wednesday and took some photos and filmed a bit. It was beautiful weather that day, and many had finished work early, so it was full of people who gathered in Kungsträdgården to admire the cherry blossoms and take pictures of all the beauty. People sat down at the fountain or in the grass, enjoying the sunshine and good company. It was a really lovely day!


Here is a video that I filmed there:

Do you have a place where you live with cherry trees?

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Japanese heat pads

Japanese heat pads

Heat pads to warm up your body

In Japan heat pads are commonly used. Most of the time theyre used for heating up sore parts of the body, like tense muscles, back aches and neck aches. Theyre also commonly used by people as hand warmers. Something we noticed on our latest trip to Tokyo, was that it was very common to see people with these in their hands while walking around in the cold. They are prefect to have in your pocket, as they take up little room and they hold heat for around six hours.

To acivate then, remove them from their plastic seal, and after a few minutes you will feel the heat.

There are some available with sticky backs that you can attatch to a piece of clothing in the area of where you are experiencing pain, like shoulder ache.

You can buy these ones in multi packs and theyre available from most discount stores, like Donki. Its a perfect thing to have with you on a cold day.

why so japan heat pads why so japan heating pads


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Japan-loppis: Japanese flea market in Stockholm

why so japan lolita dresses

Last week me and a friend went to a Japanese flea market in Stockholm, arranged by, where both compaies and private individuals sold old and new items. Japan-loppisen, as its called in Swedish, was at Aggregate in Sundbyberg, where there are a lot of cultural activities for young people.

why so japan japan loppis queues why so japan japanese flea market queue

The queue to get into the flea market was very long, and even though we arrived only 30 minutes after the opening, we had to wait almost two hours to get in. People queing were mainly teenagers (and some parents), and a lot of them had dressed up wearing amazing lolita dresses, wigs and make-up. Some guys had also dressed up in ellaborate costumes.

why so japan victoria eriksson top model sverigewhy so japan P-10 k-pop dance group
At the last bit of the queue was a dance group called R-10 performing K-Pop dance routines on stage (video at the end of this post) and opposite were a couple of tables with pretty lolita clothes for sale. Special guest of honour was model and designer Victoria Eriksson, known for appearing on Top Model Sweden and Project Runway Sweden. She was there selling her clothes.

why so japan japanese flea market
Finally we got it, and we could find clothes, mobile phone cases, bags, accessories, manga and anime merchandise, soft toys and many other things. There was a mixture of handmade, second hand and new goods. The tables were very popular and sometimes it was difficult to to see what was for sale at the tables, because it was so crowded.

The youths shopping there seemed very happy, as we saw a lot of them leave the flea market with bags full of stuff.

why so japan japan loppis why so japan japan loppisen
The Japan-loppisen takes place a couple of times every year, and next time they have an event will be on 15 June, 2013.

Here is a video of R-10 performing at the event.

For more information about upcoming Japanese flea markets in Stockholm, check out their Facebook pages.

Japan-loppis sommar 2013:

Official Japan-loppisen Facebook page:

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Washi tape

why so japan decorative washi tape

Washi tape, a decorative tape

Washi tape is a decorative tape from Japan. You can find them in shops that sell paper goods, like Tokyu Hands and Loft. To get a hold of the tape outside of Japan, Ive seen them on Ebay and Amazon. In Sweden I know craft shop Panduro sells them.

The look of the tapes vary a lot. There can be anything from a singular colour to advanced patterns and illustrations. The type of glue that is used makes it easy to attach and re-attatch on most objects.

A tape with many uses

You can use washi tape for endless different projects, its only your imagination that stops you. Here I have used washi tape on pebbles I found on a beach and now I have decorative stones with beautiful patterns.

why so japan decorative pebbles stones

Ive also used it to decorate clothespins, my keys, one of my scrapbooks, my iPad case and a couple of plastic bookends.

why so japan decorative clothespinswhy so japan decorative keyswhy so japan decorative scrapbook

A search on Pinterest will give you loads of ideas on how to use washi tape. See! Endless ways to use it!

Have you used washi tape for any projects? Please share in the comments!

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