Cherry blossoming in Stockholm

why so japan cherry blossom in Stockholm

I have previously written about hanami, a celebration in Japan where people go out and view the blossoming cherry trees and enjoy a lovely time together. We dont have that tradition in Sweden (the Japanese Society in Stockholm have a cherry tree day), but we do have some lovely cherry trees in central Stockholm, and people appreciate their beauty just as much here.


The cherry trees now are blossoming in Stockholm and Kungsträdgården (the King’s Garden) has been transformed into a beautiful ceiling with pink cherry blossoms. After an extra long winter and very late spring, the temperature has finally gone up and people are now enjoying hot sunny days.


It was a few days ago that the cherry flowers came out in bloom in Kungsträdgården, and for those who want to see the flowers before they disappear should hurry, the flowering will only last for a week and there are only a few days left now.

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I visited Kungsträdgården on Wednesday and took some photos and filmed a bit. It was beautiful weather that day, and many had finished work early, so it was full of people who gathered in Kungsträdgården to admire the cherry blossoms and take pictures of all the beauty. People sat down at the fountain or in the grass, enjoying the sunshine and good company. It was a really lovely day!


Here is a video that I filmed there:

Do you have a place where you live with cherry trees?

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