Eating sushi in Japan

I love sushi. Its been my favourite food for years and something I buy when I want to treat myself. But I always knew the kind of Sushi we eat here in Sweden is no where near as good as the one you get in Japan. So it was a given I had to try real Japanese sushi the first time we went there.

We stayed at a hotel in Shinjuku, and a couple of block from the hotel I found a nice looking sushi place called Tsukiji Sushiko. Its on Yasukuni street, next to the English pub Hub. Tsukiji Sushiko have pictures of the sushi bites on display outside, and once inside I was presented with a menu with pictures, so all I had to do was point at whatever I wanted and tell them I wanted it as take away. “Take out” is what you say in Japan, by the way.

They asked us to sit and wait for the sushi, which is prepared fresh, and while we waited they gave us green tea. Such a nice thing!

why so japan sushi box why so japan sushi box 2
The way the sushi was packaged surprised me. I was only having it as take away, but still it was wrapped like it was a special gift. They used a wooden box with a lid and laid the sushi bites on green leaves. Then the box was wrapped in nice paper and then put in a sturdy paper bag. Amazing! In Sweden the sushi just gets thrown into polystyrene takeaway boxes.

Since this was my first time ever trying real Japanese sushi I only had a few bites. I wasnt sure if I would like it and tried a few safe bites.

why so japan sushi box 3 why so japan sushi box 4
They were really lovely, so a few days later I went back to the same place and ordered one of the set meals from the menu.

why so japan sushi box 5

why so japan sushiSo what was the sushi like then, compared to what we usually get in Europe? Well for a start, theyre a lot bigger! Just look at the tamago sushi, how massive the egg omelette is compared to the rice (and compared to my thumb!). Crazy big!

It was also a lot juicier, and even though sushi is usually made to order in Sweden as well, the Japanese sushi felt even fresher!

Some of them were… slimey. But they all tasted nice. Really nice. The big caviar beads were weird to eat (ikura sushi) and that yellow/orange sushi next to the caviar one, it had such a weird consistency. But thats really only a matter of what youre used to eating. It was still very nice! The only problem I have with Japanese sushi is that now when I know how super delicious sushi can be, its never gonna be the same to eat sushi in Sweden…


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