Electric and gadgets while in Japan

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Charging electrical appliances in Japan

Nowadays most people that travel almost always have some sort of electrical appliance with them while abroad. Some of the more common things that most people have with them while travelling are smart phones, iPads, video cameras, laptops and battery chargers.

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Now most of these gadgets will need to be charged while you are in Japan if you are staying for more than a day. I know that we had to charge our iPhone every night after using Google Maps in Tokyo all day on them.

electric Apple power supply why so japanOne thing to think about is that most modern gadgets can be charged on the voltage that Japan uses (100v), so for most of your gadgets you will need to buy an inexpensive adapter plug that converts the plug on the gadget to the 2 pin plug that is used in Japan.

Its important to check that your gadget will work at a low voltage of 100v beforehand. Either check if its printed on the power supply of your gadget, or find the information in the user manual. For example, in Sweden or the UK where we are from, we have 220/240v as our main power coming out of the wall sockets, but most things that use chargers can normally handle 100v-240v and would be alright in Japan. Stuff like hairdryers might only work on 110 volts or 220/240v meaning it probably won’t work in Japan. You can solve this problem by using a power down converter, but they cost a lot more than a normal plug converter.

Buying electrical goods while in Japan

electric Plug converter 4 why so japanIf you do buy anything that needs power from the mains, check that it will run of your main voltage that you have in your country, since buying something that works on 100v only will not work if you plug it into 220/240v and it could cause damage. Of course you can buy a power converter for that too, which will lower your voltage output too.

What are your electrical tips?

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