Japanese heat pads

Japanese heat pads

Heat pads to warm up your body

In Japan heat pads are commonly used. Most of the time theyre used for heating up sore parts of the body, like tense muscles, back aches and neck aches. Theyre also commonly used by people as hand warmers. Something we noticed on our latest trip to Tokyo, was that it was very common to see people with these in their hands while walking around in the cold. They are prefect to have in your pocket, as they take up little room and they hold heat for around six hours.

To acivate then, remove them from their plastic seal, and after a few minutes you will feel the heat.

There are some available with sticky backs that you can attatch to a piece of clothing in the area of where you are experiencing pain, like shoulder ache.

You can buy these ones in multi packs and theyre available from most discount stores, like Donki. Its a perfect thing to have with you on a cold day.

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