Japanese TV Adverts #28 and #29

And here’s the next lot of fun Japanese TV adverts for your viewing pleasure. It seems like there is no let up on adverts out of Japan. I know here in Europe you see a lot of the same TV adverts for a month at a time, but it seems every week or so there is a whole bunch of new TV ads out in Japan. I guess it’s because there is such a bigger market, which is great for us, since we never get tired of them.

In this slection ads you can find: a talking robot from Soft Bank, an advert for Line Play (which is just one of Line’s popular cell phone apps), fun Super Mario ixed car ad, KPP’s new album, a fun robot dog called Hello Zoomed, plus a lot more!

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: http://www.youtube.com/user/JPCMHD
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