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NHK World

NHK World is a worldwide English language TV channel that focuses on news and current events. It also has a range of its own TV shows that can been seen both via TV cable networks and satellite TV. The channel is broadcast all over the world to 160 million households in more than 130 countries and also streams 24/7 via NHK’s World homepage where you can get updates of the news and even download Japanese lessons. The online stream is free of change and most of the content that is available on the site is also available for free. NHK World news shows fokus on world events too, using its own corresponds from all over the world.

NHK World is a great channel to keep an eye on news and current events from Japan. The site has many different sections and its easy to spend alot of time reading though the site.

Check out the NHK World site

NHK World Premium Television

NHK World Premium Television is a subscription only service that is also broadcast around the world. The main difference is that you have to pay to watch it. The content is mostly in Japanese and it is a mixture of news, entertainment and sports. In Europe the service is broadcast under the name JSTV, and in the US you can find it using the name TV-Japan. NHK World premium can be compared to channels like BBC World News and France 24.


The company behind both NHK World and NHK World premium is the Japanese broadcast company NHK, translated to English it would be “Japan Broadcasting Corporation”. NHK has a few different TV services that are broadcast only in Japan. NHK TV channels are financed by a TV license fee, similar to a lot of countries. NHK was modeled on the British broadcaster BBC. NHK also runs its own radio station which can also been listen to via their website.

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