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Kizuna Japanese subscription box

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Sakura Matsuri Stockholm 2017

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Japanese Candy Popin Cookin Sushi


Japanese Candy

Japan has a large and great selection of sweets (candy, if you’re American). Over the next couple of months or so we will be sharing some of the wierd and wonderful treats that can be found in Japan, and even bought online, for the worlds delight.

Popin Cookin Sushi

First up is one of the many great mixture packs from Popin Cookin. The best way to describe Popin Cookin packs are to the likes of making  your own sweets, a DIY project one could say. You start off with a few sachets that you mix into different compartments of the tray filled with water. You get all that is needed to make your sweets looking like sushi. If you don’t know Japanese then it might take a little time to figure out which sachet is to mix into which compartment. Thats where our making video below will come into hand for everyone that is trying to make their own Popin Cookin Sushi kit! We have made a step by step guide on how to make them correct, making it easy for you to follow and be successful when making them yourself.

whysojapan_popin_cookin_sushi_04 whysojapan_popin_cookin_sushi_05

I would highly recommend these sorts of DIY kits for families, since what’s more fun than just eating sweets is making them first, of course. You can check out the manufacturers of Popin Cookin via this link: http://www.nerune.jp/product/ where you can find lots more of their kits that can be made. We got our kit from the UK company CyberCandy and it cost around 4-6 pounds from their store (http://www.cybercandy.co.uk). There are also a lot of other online stores that sell all over the world, so just do a search for Popin Cookin via Google for other places to buy them from.


We found it great fun to make. I think it was more fun making it than actually eating it, but that’s mostly due to that we might not be used to Japanese sweets in that way. We have a couple of more boxes from the Popin Cookins series to share with you in up and coming posts, and we also have other fun sweets to share with you all.

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Video of Tradition And Modernity Journey in Japan today

Tradition And Modernity Journey in Japan today

This is a video of A Journey Between Tradition And Modernity in Japan from Kyoto to Tokyo. The video is beautifully shot with some very nice scenes from both Tokyo and Kyoto. The video is showing two sides of Japan, the modern and busy city Tokyo, and more of the traditional side of Japan in Kyoto. Watch the video and enjoy!

Check out the YouTube site from where the original video comes from and for more information: http://www.youtube.com/user/AmnesiArt

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Japanese TV Adverts #24 and #25

In this next line-up of Japanese TV adverts we start off with a man who is running faster the a ostrich – just a normal TV advert from Japan one might say. Other adverts that can be seen in this post are: an advert for Coca-Cola, which has been running last year in Europe (the “share a coke with” ad), our favourite dog is back from Softbank and he is being put on a diet for being too big. Also in the next video down we find another advert from Softbank, which is giving the feel of being filmed in England. We also have a man dressed as a turtle going to the supermarket, and a lot more great TV ads can be found. Enjoy!

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: http://www.youtube.com/user/JPCMHD
Also check out older posts with Japanese TV adverts under the media category to the right of this post.

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Harajuku Happy Times

whysojapan harajuku happy times

Harajuku happy times

Pharrell Williams song “Happy” has been a big hit all over the world. Some might love it, some not. At first I didn’t think much of the song really, it wasn’t going to a song I would buy. But its a happy and cheerful song, so I could see why others would like it. The song was first released last November, in 2013.

Music video

The original music video has lots of different people miming to the song while dancing around in different parts of Miami. The video has inspired more than 1500 videos from people all over the world to dance to the video in their part of the world. The easiest way to find all the inspired videos is to search for “Pharrell Williams – Happy – We Are from [name of the city]” on YouTube. This will help you find the city of choice. There is also a website that has a collection of all the inspired versions of Happy. 

Japanese version

I have seen a couple of diffrent versions of the video in Japan, but this one I think is my favourite video. The title of the video is Harajuku Happy Times and the video seems to be, for the most part, filmed in and around the trendy part of Tokyo called Harajuku. The video has a good mixture of different Japanese people of all ages dancing and miming to a part of the song. My favorte part is the sumo wrestlers, because they always seem so serious, but in this video you can see them smiling and walking to the song.

For me it was first when I saw this video that I became a fan of the song, and it is definitely this video that makes the song for me. This version of the video has it own YouTube channel, and also can be found on the following site: http://harajukuhappytimes.com There is not much about the video on the site though. There is a little section under “about” where can you read a little about it in Japanese.

Anyway, here’s the video below. Hope you enjoy it as mush as me!


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Japanese TV Adverts #22 and #23

In this post we are sharing the next bunch of Japanese TT adverts from Japan: some of the weird and wonderful adverts that can be seen this time are: an advert with a man jumping on a trampoline while running up a wall, an advert for an app from Google and an advert from a compay called Yellow Hat. Also, there’s an advert from gaming company Konami, but this time it’s for the sports club. This, and a lot more can be found in the videos below. Enjoy!

As always, please check out this YouTube user for more adverts: http://www.youtube.com/user/JPCMHD
Also check out older posts with Japanese TV adverts under the media category to the right of this post.

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