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Washi tape

why so japan decorative washi tape

Washi tape, a decorative tape

Washi tape is a decorative tape from Japan. You can find them in shops that sell paper goods, like Tokyu Hands and Loft. To get a hold of the tape outside of Japan, Ive seen them on Ebay and Amazon. In Sweden I know craft shop Panduro sells them.

The look of the tapes vary a lot. There can be anything from a singular colour to advanced patterns and illustrations. The type of glue that is used makes it easy to attach and re-attatch on most objects.

A tape with many uses

You can use washi tape for endless different projects, its only your imagination that stops you. Here I have used washi tape on pebbles I found on a beach and now I have decorative stones with beautiful patterns.

why so japan decorative pebbles stones

Ive also used it to decorate clothespins, my keys, one of my scrapbooks, my iPad case and a couple of plastic bookends.

why so japan decorative clothespinswhy so japan decorative keyswhy so japan decorative scrapbook

A search on Pinterest will give you loads of ideas on how to use washi tape. See! Endless ways to use it!

Have you used washi tape for any projects? Please share in the comments!

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Shopping at the Stockholm Hanami celebration

Japanese items bought in Stockholm

During the Cherry Flower Day Festival (hanami) in Stockholm we bought some fun Japanese items, and I thought it would be fun to show you what we found.

I bought some lovely stickers. Even though they’re Paris themed, theyre still very Japanese to me, because that style is loved by a lot of people in Japan. You find clothes, shops and stationary in this style all over Harajuku.

Paul bought a Yamanote line post card and Chuo line mouse mat. Trains are very popular in Japand and a lot of merchandise is made. Paul collects some, and will show more from his collection later on.

why so japan stickerswhy so japan yamanote line post card

why so japan chuo line mouse mat

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YouTube Japan Music Week

youtube japan music week

YouTube Japan Music Week

YouTube Japan has announced that theywill be hosting a week of music streams under the name YouTtube Music Week from the 27th of April to the 5th of May. With some of the most famous Japanese music artists there will be streams of concerts that will be available via the YouTube channel for each artist.

The info

A separate YouTube page with all the information can be found on the YouTube Japan channel here: www.youtube.com/youtubejapan
Here you will also be able to be kept up to date with any schedule changes. One thing to remember is that they will most probably follow Japan time, so make sure to check it with your own local time so you dont miss your favourite artist or band.

The video below shows you who are playing and what date and there are also links to each artist’s or group’s official YouTube page.

The schedule

The schedule looks like this:

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Hanami in Stockholm

cherry blossom hanami in Stockholm why so japan

Hanami – Cherry Flower Day in Stockholm

Every year the Japanese Society in Sweden celebrates hanami by organising Cherry Flower Day Festival (Körsbärsblommans Dag) in Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm. Kungsträdgården is an urban park area with a big fountain in the middle that is surrounded by lots of cherry trees. The blossoming of the cherry trees is a very special time in Japan (Ive written about it here) and I think its so lovely to have a bit of Japanese culture in Stockholm during this time.

cherry blossom in Stockholm 1 why so japan

Because of the cold spring we’ve had this year, the blossoming of the cherry trees has been delayed, and we only have little buds at the moment. But that didnt stop the festival. The sun was shining and it was a lovely warm day!

Japanese clothing

We saw lots of lolitas, coplayers and people dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, like kimono. It was great to see so many Swedish young people being so into the Japanese culture. The lolitas pink looked amazing!

cherry blossom in Stockholm 2 why so japan cherry blossom Hanami in Stockholm 3 why so japan

cherry blossom in Stockholm 4 why so japan cherry blossom Hanami in Stockholm 4 why so japan

Traditional Japanese culture

Traditional Japanese culture was represented in the stalls. Bonsai, shodo, furoshiki, igo, origami, try on a kimono and lots more.

cherry blossom in Stockholm 5 why so japan
cherry blossom Hanami in Stockholm 6 why so japan cherry blossom Hanami in Stockholm 7 why so japan

Lots of things to see

The stalls also had Lolita fashion for sale, there was a café, manga exhibition, kawaii games to try… There were fashion shows and performances with taiko drums, songs and dance. So much to see!

cherry blossom in Stockholm 7 why so japan

Here are some more photos from the festival:

Hanami cherry blossom Stockholm 8 why so japanHanami cherry blossom Stockholm 9 why so japanHanami cherry blossom Stockholm 10 why so japanHanami cherry blossom Stockholm 12 why so japan
cherry blossom Stockholm 13 why so japancherry blossom Stockholm 14 why so japancherry blossom Stockholm 14 why so japanHanami cherry blossom Stockholm 15 why so japan
Hanami cherry blossom Stockholm 16 why so japanHanami cherry blossom Stockholm 17 why so japanHanami cherry blossom Stockholm 18 why so japanHanami cherry blossom Stockholm 19 why so japan
Have you been to any Japanese festivals in another coutry outside of Japan?

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100 yen shops in Japan

100 yen shops why so japan

Home good and more at discount prices

100 yen shops can be found all over Japan. Its a type of discount shop that sell lots of small household goods, stationery, healt and beauty, snacks and more. You won’t always find the best products quality wise, but if you after something cheap that will do the job then this should be your first stop.

The 100 yen shops can be perfect for someone that has just moved to Japan and needs to buy some stuff for the home. To just get them started, this shop is ideal.

Everything cost 100 yen

Everything in a 100 yen shop costs 100 yen per product (plus the shopping tax, which is 5 yen, so the real price ends up at 105 yen per item) so you will still normally get a good deal for the things you can buy.

100 yen is about $1 (US), 70p (UK) or €0,77 (EU). You will find the equivalent to the 100yen in the UK and the US, where theyre known as pound shop and dollar stores. There type of shops are very common to find in most shopping districts.

The reason why items are so cheap is because the companies buy so much stock that they get a greater discount from suppliers, meaning they can keep the price down to 100 yen.


There a few diffrent companies that run 100yen shops in Japan, but they all normally stock the same sort of products. One of the more known 100 yen shops is called Daiso. They are the market leader with over 2000 shops over Japan. One of the stores we visited is the shop located on Takeshita Dori, the main shopping street of Harajuku. This shop is very easy to find. Check the map below for how to get there from the station. This shop is two floors of stuff where you can always find something. It can be a bit busy in this shop because of the location.

Some of the other shops that you can find are Can Do, Seria and Watts. You will find links to each shop at the bottom of this post.

100 yen shops 1 why so japan

Links to 100 yen shops

Daiso: http://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp
Can Do: http://www.cando-web.co.jp
Seria: http://www.seria-group.com
Watts: http://www.watts-jp.com

How to find Daiso in Harajuku

This map shows how to walk from the Harajuku station to Daiso on Takeshita Dori.

Show bigger map

Image credit: gilgongo and Rudy Herman

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