Rilakkuma Christmas


Rilakkuma Christmas

Last November we were in Japan on our holiday. Normally one of the things we do on our holiday is to visit some (well most) of the Rilakkuma stores in and around Tokyo. You can check out our first post about Rilakkuma to read what shops we visited by clicking here or searching for Rilakkuma on this site.

Rilakkuma Christmas releases

Rilakkuma usually has a limited edition set of things for different events or holidays, so being around Christmas it was the Christmas set that was to be released at the time we were in Tokyo. This was a great for us since we love all things Rilakkuma. The products were to be release the weekend before we were to go home, so it gave us enough time to visit one of the many Rilakkuma places to pick some stuff up.

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Meeting Rilakkuma

What we wasnt expecting at first, but thanks to a Japanese friend of ours who told us about it, was that if we were to visit one of the bigger toy stores in Tokyo (Kiddy Land in Harajuku) then we could get to meet Rilakkuma in person. So we took a trip over to Kiddy Land toy store, of course we wanted to see Rilakkuma! When we arrived we found out that if you wanted to meet him up close and have your photo taken with him, then you would have to get some sort of free ticket from the store before hand. But for us it was enough to just see him, so we decided to waited outside the store, together with all the other Rilakkuma fans. A little while later and there he was, together with Korilakkuma. They just walkedalong the street and then stopped outside of the shop, where the ones with the tickets were allowed to meet and greet, one by one. The rest of us took loads of photos of them and it was a bit of a surreal moment since we had only seen videos of them in real size before. We know its only people in costume, but still, it was a bit like seeing a mega celebrity. It was like a little extra Christmas gift to us you could say. Check our video below of Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma outside Kiddy Land:

Rilakkuma Christmas

After seeing Rilakkuma outside, we went into Kiddy land to find the Rilakkuma store and find the Christmas goods. We bought three of the plush Christmas edition, which we got in a Christmas bag, and earlier we had also picked up a fun dancing Rilakkuma, a sweet thing that moves when pushing the button on the back, see video below. And that was our Rilakkuma Christmas surprise from last year!

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