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Swedish Retailer Lagerhaus Establishing In Japan



Lagerhaus, the Swedish interior design retail company, recently opened in Japan. It has been present on the Swedish market since it’s first store opened 1996 in the city of Gothenburg in an old run down cinema premises. A year later, their second store opened in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Fast-forward to the year 2009 and the retail company had expanded to more than 30 stores in 19 different city and towns across Sweden. To date Lagerhaus now has 34 stores and an online webshop. A lot of the products that are sold in their stores are of their own design, meaning that the stores have unique products to the market.

Lagerhaus to Japan

For the last year Lagerhaus has been working close with one of Japan’s major retailer Uny, which owns the department stores APITA. One of the reasons why Uny has started to work with the Swedish retailer is because of their low prices of products sold by Lagerhaus. Another reason is that Lagerhaus sells a lot of home interior product, making it an attrative retailer to work with. Lagerhaus’ first store has opened inside one of the APITA department stores as a shop-in-shop, setup with a 100 square meter area. Since the store opened in October of 2013 another four stores have now opened, bringing the count so far to five stores, all working as shop-in-shop setups. Lagerhaus has recieved coverage in Japanese media with its Scandinavian design. One of the press releases from Lagerhaus says that Scandinavian design is one of the popular trends at the moment. Lagerhaus is to continue expanding in the Japanese retail sector with more stores on their books in the next year. They’re hoping to have 20 stores up and running in Japan.

Lagerhaus stores can be found at the following locations:

Stores that are now open

The next stores that are planned are:
Toyama Higashi

For more information about the stores, check out there Japanese homepage on the address bellow:

Pictures source:


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