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discount stores

Don Quijote – Japan’s Best Discount Store

whysojapan Don Quijote discount store Donki

Don Quijote

Our first experience with Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ) was the Kabuki-cho Shinjuku store in Tokyo. It was stocked with goods, floor after floor. On our first trip to Tokyo we must have gone into that particle store almost everyday and we would check out one floor at a time. We found that it was best to visit the shop when it was not so busy, because the shop could get really crowed at certain times of the day. We soon learned that the best times were early in the morning, around 10am, or late at night after 10pm.  Even better was after 12 at night, because the store is open 24/7, which is great. In the store you get to listen to the store’s own theme tune, playing on a loop, called “Miracle Shopping” (ミラクルショッピング?) sung by Maimi Tanaka, who was a store employe.

whysojapan Don Quijote discount store Donki

whysojapan Don Quijote discount store Donki whysojapan Don Quijote discount store Donki

whysojapan Don Quijote discount store Donki


There are a few other Don Quijote stores that you can visit in Tokyo. One night, while we were walking around in Shinjuku, we found this other Don Quijote. It was late at night, like 12:30am I think, and we just saw loads of neon light and the Don Quijote penguin mascot Donpen. We followed the bright lights to what we decided to call Donki World, just because of the size of this place. It was really big! It was all on one floor, but spread across different buildings, and the best thing was that it was open 24/7 too.

whysojapan Don Quijote discount store Donki
Other Don Quijote stores we have seen or been in: There’s one in Ikebukuro, close to the station. There’s one in Akihabara, which has its own theatre, where the idol group AK48 play daily. We also found a store in Roppongi, which has a half pipe theme ride on the roof. The ride has never been used though, because of complaining neighbours. There is another store with a ride, and its in Osaka. It has a ferris wheel stuck to the outside of the store, which I would love to try sometime. There are a lot more stores to check out, not just in Tokyo, but all over Japan. The best place to check is the website for store listings: http://www.donki.com/index_en.php

What you can buy in store

whysojapan Don Quijote Donki productsI would like to say you can buy everything, because that’s what it seems like when you are browsing the stores hour after hour. But ok, maybe not everything, but almost. Some of the products we have seen are clothing (love buying Japanese Kigurumi in Don Quijote!), everything and anything for mobile phones, cases, batteries, selfiesticks – you name it. There are also lots of cosmetics and beauty products, lots of electrical products – from toasters to instax mini camera (including cheap film for them), and more. The food section is always a great place to look through. Last time we were in the store we bought loads of the Poppin Kitchen DIY sweet boxes at a great price. I could go on and on about all the products they have. We have taken some photos just to show how huge the product range is, which can be seen below.

whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products

whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products fake beard

whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products Daruma Maneki-neko whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products Totoro

whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products

whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products

whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products

whysojapan_Don_Quijote_Donki_products_05 whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products game

whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products whysojapan Don Quijote Donki products

About Don Quijote

Japanese love to shop and one of the biggest and best discount stores you can find throughout Japan, with its 160 stores, is Don Quijote. The stores are also known as Donki, which is a shortening of the company’s name. Don Quijote started off in the 80’s under the name Just Co. with its first retail store opening in Tokyo. Just Co then changed from retail over to wholesale after a couple years of business. The company’s first Don Quijote named store opened in Tokyo 1989, and it was also then the company changed back to focusing on retail again, with the company changing it’s corporate name from Just Co to Don Quijote Co., Ltd in 1998. Don Quijte also operates three stores in Hawaii.

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100 yen shops in Japan

100 yen shops why so japan

Home good and more at discount prices

100 yen shops can be found all over Japan. Its a type of discount shop that sell lots of small household goods, stationery, healt and beauty, snacks and more. You won’t always find the best products quality wise, but if you after something cheap that will do the job then this should be your first stop.

The 100 yen shops can be perfect for someone that has just moved to Japan and needs to buy some stuff for the home. To just get them started, this shop is ideal.

Everything cost 100 yen

Everything in a 100 yen shop costs 100 yen per product (plus the shopping tax, which is 5 yen, so the real price ends up at 105 yen per item) so you will still normally get a good deal for the things you can buy.

100 yen is about $1 (US), 70p (UK) or €0,77 (EU). You will find the equivalent to the 100yen in the UK and the US, where theyre known as pound shop and dollar stores. There type of shops are very common to find in most shopping districts.

The reason why items are so cheap is because the companies buy so much stock that they get a greater discount from suppliers, meaning they can keep the price down to 100 yen.


There a few diffrent companies that run 100yen shops in Japan, but they all normally stock the same sort of products. One of the more known 100 yen shops is called Daiso. They are the market leader with over 2000 shops over Japan. One of the stores we visited is the shop located on Takeshita Dori, the main shopping street of Harajuku. This shop is very easy to find. Check the map below for how to get there from the station. This shop is two floors of stuff where you can always find something. It can be a bit busy in this shop because of the location.

Some of the other shops that you can find are Can Do, Seria and Watts. You will find links to each shop at the bottom of this post.

100 yen shops 1 why so japan

Links to 100 yen shops

Daiso: http://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp
Can Do: http://www.cando-web.co.jp
Seria: http://www.seria-group.com
Watts: http://www.watts-jp.com

How to find Daiso in Harajuku

This map shows how to walk from the Harajuku station to Daiso on Takeshita Dori.

Show bigger map

Image credit: gilgongo and Rudy Herman

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