Japanese Manhole covers T-shirts from 47Regions

Japanese Manhole covers T-shirts from 47Regions Japan is a place of so many different and wonderful things to do and see. A lot of times when we are planning our trips to Japan we decide not always to have our whole day Read more

Kizuna Japanese subscription box

Kizuna Japanese subscription box This is a promotional post. We were offered the opportunity to try a new subscription box from Kizuna Box from Japan. Of course we jumped at the chance. We were given the option of two different boxes, Read more

Sakura Matsuri Stockholm 2017

Sakura Matsuri Stockholm – Cherry Blossom Festival On April 22nd was the annual cherry blossom hanami festival in Stockholm (“Körsbärsblommans Dag”), Sweden. It's an event organized by the Japanese Association, and we were very happy to see that they - once Read more

Top Japanese places to visit in London

Top Japanese places to visit in London In this post we have collected our top Japanese places to visit in London. The city has so many places that are connected to Japan in one way or another. In our top Read more

Best art, crafts and stationery shops in Tokyo

Best art, crafts and stationery shops in Tokyo As a person who love all things art and crafts I've hunted down the best shops that I could find during my travels in Tokyo. Here's a guide to my personal favourites. Read more


Top 9 Japanese Instagram accounts to follow

Top 9 Japanese Instagram accounts to follow

There are more than 300 million people on Instagram and 70 million photos and videos are uploaded each day. With so many users, it can be hard to find the gems. We’ve put together a list of our favourite Japanese accounts that we love to follow, and maybe this list will help you find new favourites.

whysojapan instagram _tuck4 japanese instagram accounts whysojapan instagram 10_ya japanese instagram accounts
_tuck4 | Link: https://instagram.com/_tuck4

About: Takashi Yasui is a freelance photographer based in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo-

10_ya | Link: https://instagram.com/10_ya
About: Tomoyasu Koyanagi is from Japan and shares photos of people, landscapes and more.

whysojapan instagram japanloverme japanese instagram accounts whysojapan instagram rainbowqolic japanese instagram accounts
japanloverme | Link: https://instagram.com/japanloverme

About: Traditional, kawaii and otaku Japan.

rainbowholic | Link: https://instagram.com/rainbowholic
About: The lovely Kaila is a motivational blogger and is promoting a kawaii lifestyle.

whysojapan instagram hirozzzz japanese instagram accounts whysojapan instagram nao1223 japanese instagram accounts
hirozzzz | Link: https://instagram.com/hirozzzz

About: Hiroaki Fukuda, a photographer with photos from Tokyo and everywhere.

nao1223 | Link: https://instagram.com/nao1223
About: Naomi O Kobe from Japan shares food, flowers and beautiful photos.

whysojapan instagram tokyofashion japanese instagram accounts whysojapan instagram kohji405mi16 japanese instagram accounts
tokyofashion | Link: https://instagram.com/tokyofashion

About: Daily pictures from Harajuku, Shibuya & other areas of Tokyo, featuring people on the street.

kohji405mi16 | Link: https://instagram.com/kohji405mi16
About: Kohji M is from Tokyo, and the account is mostly focused on children and family life.

If you have any favourites, please share in the comments! Don’t forget to check out our Instagram account, @whysojapan

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Why So Japan loves Instagram

whysojapan loves instagram

Why So Japan Loves Instagram

Why So Japan has now started using Instagram to share lots of photo that we take when we are in Japan. We take so many photos there, that we just don’t get the time to share them all with you in this blog. We use a lot of our photos as part of posts here on Whysojapan, but we have a lot of random photos that we might not be able to use in a post. That’s where Instagram is great for us. We can share each photo as a little post and that’s why we love Instagram!

Please feel free to follow us on Instagram. You can either click the Instagram icon on the top right of the page, or click this link here: http://instagram.com/whysojapan, or search for us on Instagram (search for user: whysojapan). See you there!

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